Dry Goods


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Banish harmful trans fat from some of your most popluar dishes with Cargill's 0g-trans-fat product line. Use Fry-On ZTF (#5085253), a high quality stability liquid shortening made from specially processed corn an canola oil, Grill-On ZTF (#3355849), a zero trans fat version of the regular Grill-On premium grilling oil, or Butter-It (3355757), a zero trans fat version of the regular Butter-It liquid butter alternative. They are all cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat. Triumph over Trans fat!



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Carriage House Companies Inc.
The Carriage House Companies, Inc., was formed in 2000 and is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of quality private lable foods, including jellies and preserves, peanut butter, barbeque sauce, mexican sauces and various syrups. Try Carriage House's Traditional Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce (#5925009), a flavorful tomato based barbeque sauce with molasses and spices.




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Sysco Imports
Sysco Imports brings you flavors from around the world. Try the Dark Victoria Chocolate Cup (#5367816), fine Belgian bittersweet chocolate in a fluted round cup, or try the Mandarin Oranges in Light Syrup (#3548385) for salads, as a garnish or in desserts!





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Kraft Foods
Serving up consistent quality and taste, Kraft Foods is a classic American icon. Kraft brings you its popular Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard (#5371299), the mustard and brand that patrons recognize and demand. Grey Poupon provided operators with the flavor and performance characteristics that operators need. This mustard has a unique blend of spices, yellow and brown mustard seeds, and white wine.




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Sturm Foods
Sturm Foods is a leading global dry grocery manufacturer for both retail and foodservice industries since 1905. They specialize in hot cereals, organic and natural products, sugar free drink mix sticks, sugar free 12 quart drink mixes and hot cocoa and cappuccino. Try their Lowfat Granola Cereal (#7713381), which can be used as a breakfast cereal, a snack, or even to sprinkle on the tops of desserts.


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Sine 1968, the Litehouse Restaurant has served up some of the finest dressings and sauces around. The signature salad bar made the Lifehouse Dressings so sought after, customers would bring jars from home to fill with the delicious products! Try Litehouse's Cherry Vinaigrette Dressing (#4033090), with sweet and tart cherries blended in a delicious cherry flavored vinaigrette. Also a great marinade for pork and chicken dishes.




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