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Gold Kist Farms
Young and tender Chicken. Gold Kist Farms is the second largest poultry processor in the United States processing more than 14 million broilers per week. Premium Young and Tender chickens are 100% natural - no hormones or preservatives. Contact your Marketing Associate for more information on Gold Kist poultry products available at Sysco.





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Pilgrims Pride
From inventing the world's first fully cooked fried chicken to launching the wing category, Pilgrims Pride foodservice's innovative spirit creates menu versatility that keeps consumers coming back. Their boneless chicken Wing-Dings (#1031657) and Wing-Zings (#1157585) are fully cooked breaded chicken chunks made from solid muscle meat and make tasty appetizers!





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Barber's Poultry provides quality food products to wholesalers, restaurants and the public. Try their Creme Brie and Apple Chicken Breast (#4829057), a delectable combination of creme brie, sweet york apples, cranberries, onions and chives wrapped in chicken breast with a dusting of paprika. Or try their Saltimbocca Chicken Breast (#8967739), a natural chicken breast stuffed with slices of prosciutto wrapped around a blend of sage, rosemary and garlic puree with Swiss and American cheese.




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Cargill Poultry
Cargill offers a complete range of high-quality, safe meat products including beef, pork and turkey. Their oven-roasted, oil-browned and smoked Cooked Boneless turkey breast products allow you to create your own hot or cold signature dishes with ease and confidence, knowing that you are always serving a tender, juicy, and superior quality turkey.




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Quality service with a focus on value - Koch Foods, Inc. is a leading supplier of fresh and frozen poultry products for foodservice and retail operators across the nation and around the world. Try Koch's delicious Chicken Tenderloin Fritter (#5143849), made with Koch's country cafe fritter breading that's a light golden batter breading without visible black pepper and a smooth appearance.




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Nobody knows chicken like Tyson Foods. For more than 60 years they have been bringing an outstanding variety of delicious, premium quality chicken products to the table, all packed with the energy-providing protein you need to help you live a healthy, active life. Their boneless and skinless chicken breast fillet allows for even cooking and fast cook time from the freezer to your plate. Try their Mini Cordon Bleu Chicken Appetizer (#5382379), with swiss cheese and Canadian style bacon stuffed in a miniature version of the classic entree.





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