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In every portion-sized pouch, you’ll find delicious top quality clean-tail butterfly shrimp that have been hand-breaded for a premise-made appearance. It’s simple preparation and easy profit, brought to you by King & Prince Seafood. Try the King & Prince Classic Skewered P&D Raw Shrimp (#7097785), which includes 5 shrimp per skewer and 12 skewers per box. These tasty shrimp are marinated but not flavored.






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Icelandic USA's foodservice division offers a wide range of brands, including Icelandic Brand, Samband of Iceland, Seaside Brand, and Seastar. Icelandic USA is a corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Icelandic Group hf in Reykjavik, Iceland. The company is the largest importer of frozen groundfish for the foodservice industry in the US. Try Icelandic's Redhook Ale Battered Tilapia Fillet (#3370251), a mild and incredibly versatile white fish fillet in a Redhook Ale English-style batter.





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The Phillips family started in the seafood business along Maryland's Chesapeake Bay around the turn of the century. Over the past 50 years the company has grown quickly, holding to these simple principles: serve the freshest, finest seafood available, provide outstanding service, and create a memorable dining experience for guests.





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FPI is passionate about developing and delivering innovative and exciting seafood solutions. They provide in-demand and on-trend seafood for customers including frozen frozen raw shrimp, bread shrimp, breaded fish, battered fish, fresh seafood, and much more! Contact your Marketing Associate for available FPI products at Sysco.








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